Two Newest Casinos in Atlantic City Scale to the Top of the Game

Two Newest Casinos in Atlantic City Scale to the Top of the Game

Atlantic City’s two shuttered casinos were brought to life almost three years ago. However, when they were about to go live, there was a doubt in the market related to the idea. The market lost five casinos back in the time, and adding two more was a risky step. The Ocean Casino Resort and the Hard Rock succeeded in surviving the cut throat market and gave the visitors a whole new reason to visit Atlantic City. Both the Ocean and the Hard Rock had their first full day working on June 28, 2018. In the context of the money won from the in-person gamblers, the Ocean was ranked third at $183.5 million, and the Hard Rock climbed to the second position among the nine in the line of last year’s $224.8 million.

Now, there are three market leaders – Borgata, Hard Rock, and the Ocean. Their mind-blowing performances have shaken the Atlantic City market. But, as far as internet betting and sports betting are concerned, Borgata ranks; first, Golden Nugget is second, and Hard Rock is third.

The change spotted in the Hard Rock, and the Ocean led to the comparison with the market front runner, Borgata. They both have also overtaken Caesar’s Entertainment properties and all this remarkable – said Hard Rock’s Atlantic City’s President Joe Lupo.

Terry Glebocki, CEO of the Ocean Casino Resort, said the path we have crossed over the years is truly like a dream. The initial twelve months were tough as the property was open, and we lost almost $42 million. Presently, in the last twelve months, including the ongoing month, we have accumulated $55 million. According to Jane Bokunewicz, the coordinator of Lloyd Levenson Institute at Stockton University has affirmed that both casinos have changed the definition of betting. They have certainly brought something new to the table.

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