Three New States Will Be Introduced to a Line-up by Partypoker

Three New States Will Be Introduced to a Line-up by Partypoker

A host of exciting line-ups will be made available to the states of Michigan, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey to the US Network’s Partypoker platform, a digital poker card room. This new digital gambling line-up will see competitive enthusiasm this May 2021. 

US Network’s Partypoker will entertain digital poker players with its routine line-up accessible to all the three aforementioned metropolises. Competing poker players will have a line-up of 10 games and will be awarded a cumulative six-figure prize reward. 

The new entrants of these three states will have access to free entry into the gaming rooms of Partypoker. Players will be allowed to compete in an Invitational Free Entry championship worth a prize value of $25,000.

For gambling competitors in the state of New Jersey, the line-up accessible through US Network’s Partypoker will be available through skins offered by Borgata Poker and BetMGM (the prominent sports betting platform). 

The line-up for New Jersey will be functional from May 16th to May 23rd, 2021, with a confirmed prize reward of $315000. 

Whereas for the state of Michigan, competitors will have authorized access to only the skins of the platform BetMGM. The championship line-up for Michigan state will take place in the same period as New Jersey. The prize reward for poker competitors will also share the same profits as that of NJ.

The state of Pennsylvania will be able to join the festivities set out by Partypoker from May 23rd to May 30th, 2021. Digital poker competitors will be awarded a profitable prize reward of $360000. 

This exciting gaming month conducted by Partypoker is preceding a different noteworthy line-up by the platform that took place in April. The popular line-up which took place over two days known as the Digital Borgata Open, has a profitable prize value of $150,000.

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