The Survival Plan of Atlantic City Casinos Post-COVID 19 Pandemic

The Survival Plan of Atlantic City Casinos Post-COVID 19 Pandemic

A global level lockdown was one of the measures strictly imposed to contain the novel coronavirus or the COVID-19 pandemic. Most of the leading economies in the world were faced a great impact while the general public was imposed a safe shelter. This apparent social distancing was the need of the hour.

That being said, all the major casinos across the world were shut down in April. This further resulted in about 90% unemployment, while most of the other casino workforce was forced to opt for unpaid furloughs. And, having to shut down the casinos during its peak traffic months between March and May is a major capital setback for the casino industry.

How COVID-19 has affected Atlantic City casinos?

Most of the casinos in the U.S., including the Atlantic City casinos, have to donate all their perishable goods to food shelters. The casinos also implemented stringent safety protocols like temperature checks, frequent sanitization, and masks for all the employees. 

According to the latest reports, New Jersey is one of the many states in the U.S. where the casinos and sportsbooks were severely affected. In fact, the state witnessed a drop to $163 in its betting revenue by 44% when compared to the same period last year. 

Atlantic City, the home to nine major casinos, also has bourne a loss of over 46%. And, this number was far more when compared to the 28% decline in the 2012 Hurricane Sandy impact. Sportsbooks also witnessed a drop by 58%, accounting for $13 million as customers took to betting online.

Strategies implemented by casinos to emerge strong post COVID-19

Atlantic City Casino operators are formulating a reopening plan by teaming with AtlantiCare. These strategies aim to cater to the collective objective of safeguarding the casino employees and customers.

Employee Testing

Some of the major casinos are imposing employee testing, while the casinos are strict about allowing employees to rejoin the service only after thorough testing and solid certifications from reliable healthcare facilities.

Customer Screening & Safety Equipment

Thorough sanitization and disinfection of the safety equipment and regular disinfection of the casino, including the machines and poker tables. Screening of each and every customer with temperature checks.

Social Distancing

Reduction on the number of players per table with restricted seating arrangements to maintain the recommended distance.

The strategies are many and vary from one casino to the other. While some casinos have also enabled free parking facilities, they have also removed the valet parking facility.

Will those strategies be successful?

A casino is a place meant for socializing. With the stringent safety strategies in place, the casinos stand a chance to lose its glamorous appeal. Only time will tell if the strategies will meet success or not. Because these plans revolve around social distancing, and casinos are less likely to operate in such an environment.


Some of the casinos are set to reopen by June this year. The strategies will be implemented, which will rob the classy charm of the casinos. In the meantime, the good news is people can enjoy their favorite casino games at the online casinos, a safer and convenient alternative to land-based casinos. 

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