Pro Poker Player Demands $1.25m for Lifetime Borgata Ban

Pro Poker Player Demands $1.25m for Lifetime Borgata Ban

A professional player Scott Robins filed a compensation suit against Borgata after being banned for life after making an offhand statement to a receptionist about leaping out of a window.

According to court documents, Scott Robbins is demanding over $1.25 million. The majority of this amount he claims represents lost revenue from poker events in Atlantic City.

According to the lawsuit, Robbins checked into the Borgata for a World Poker Tournament in September when a receptionist inquired if he wanted his room on the high or low floor.

The suit mentions that Robbins asked if he would jump from the high floor window, will he be able to make it? Robbins was referring to escape an earthquake or fire. He again asked will he be able to make it if he jumped from the lower floor. “Not a low floor,” Robbins remarked to the receptionist after obtaining the key to the 30th level.

According to the lawsuit, Robbins was told that if he wanted to continue his stay, then mental examination is essential.

Robbins was taken to AtlantiCare Regional Medical Center by ambulance, for which he was ultimately charged $1,157.

A psychiatrist issued a document stating that Robbins was not a danger to himself or others. The fee was $865.

When Robbins returned to the hotel, his possessions had been taken, according to the lawsuit. According to the report, Borgata informed Robbins about the lifetime ban from all Borgata properties and was then removed off the premises.

The complaint alleges that Borgata “wantonly and recklessly” made it public that Robbins was banned for life “because of the attempt to suicide,” citing the fact that non-opening glass in hotel windows prohibits suicides.

According to published statistics, Robbins has earned $417,325 in tournaments since January 2018. He allegedly won $130,235 for finishing third in one tournament.

The complaint claims that the Borgata Ban would lose Robbins $200,000 in corporate and individual sponsorships, in addition to the potential earnings of $85,000 each year for the next decade.

In the claim, which accuses the Borgata of wrongful detention, interference with future economic benefit, and libel, he also demands $200,000 in punitive and compensatory damages.

Robbins had filed the suit in the Superior Court of Atlantic County in June. The lawsuit was eventually relocated to U.S. District Court in Camden, thanks to the Borgata’s attorneys.

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