Online Casinos: All About the Digital Gamble

Online Casinos: All About the Digital Gamble

When we hear the word casino, the one image that flashes in front of our eyes is of the Physical casinos of Las Vegas’ slot machines. So, are online Casinos different from the physical casinos?

Casino websites are synonymously called “flash casinos” or “no-download casinos” as users do not have to download these games, as they use plug-ins.

Online Casino websites are online portals that offer the same gambling games as physical casinos. The framework of playing online casino games is the same as the physical casinos.

Online casinos v/s physical casinos

Physical casino is where people meet in person with the dealer and gamble or play. In online casinos, the actual dealer of a casino is swapped with an RNG. Which means the online player does not interact with a human dealer at all.

How do online casinos work?

Online casinos use software to process a bet. According to some sources, online casinos have better odds, i.e., Online casino games have a higher percentage of payback compared to physical casinos. In online casino games, the player requires a smartphone that supports this software. For example, iOS does not support flash players used in online casino games.

Why are online casino games here to stay?
  • No use of physical cash & quick and hassle-free transactions
  • Blockchain security that makes online casinos more secure
  • You can play and learn online casino games at your own pace
  • Players can access it anytime & anywhere without the need to travel to a physical location
  • Online casinos reduce the infrastructure cost
  • Signing up on online casino portals fetches new users
  • Online casino games have a wide variety of games for player with any budget
Types of Online Casino games

Online Casino games are classified as software-based casino games and casino games that involve live dealers.

Software casino games: These games are similar to live casinos that have slot machines that randomly generates number as we have seen in movies showing slot machines in Las Vegas casinos. But when playing online, these numbers generated are seen on a mobile or computer screen.

Live online dealers:  while interacting with a live dealer online, there is an individual behind the other side of the screen who rolls out the dice, spins the roulette wheel and spreads/shuffles your poker cards.

Online casino games:
  • Blackjack
  • Baccarat
  • Craps
  • Roulette
  • Sic bo
  • Slot machines
  • Poker
  • Keno
  • Bingo
Sneak peek of the biggest online casino jackpot win

A humongous €8,012,153.36 (the biggest record held to date) was won by an anonymous online player in 2017. The player had betted on Mega Moolah at online Tipico Casino.

Countries that legalize online Casino gaming & gambling
  • EU countries likeGermany, France, Spain, Switzerland, Belgium, Hungry, Italy, Poland, Russia, Malta, Gibraltar, Netherland, Portugal, Norway, Denmark.
  • In Australia and New Zealand, online Casino gaming is legal. However, in New Zealand, online gaming websites that are authorized by the government are only legal.
  • Japan, the Philippines, and Kazakhstan allow online Casino games.
  • In India, online gaming is banned apart from Goa and Sikkim.
  • North America is famous for Casino games and makes up 70 percent of the players in totality.
  • Canada allows online gaming only in some provinces.
Future of online casino gaming

In recent times, technology has channelized the growth of online casino games since players find it more convenient to play & bet on these games with their smartphones, which is a handy way to earn and play. Also, virtual gaming powered by blockchain technology will create a niche for online casino gaming, which in return will give physical casinos a run for their money.

How will online casino gaming platforms look like in 2025?

Online casino holdings GVC Holdings, Tipico, Vegas Hero, Betfred Group, Betsafe, Sky bet, The Star, Bet365 Group, Betway, Betsson, will be the market players in the future of Online Casino. According to sources, the online gambling marketplace will zoom to $102.97Bby 2025.

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