Ocean and Bally’s Plan for Beach Bars and Live Concert in Their Properties

Ocean and Bally’s Plan for Beach Bars and Live Concert in Their Properties

Ocean Casino Resort and Bally’s, two of the top casino firms, plan for live entertainment and beach bars in front of their properties.

Two resolutions were adopted by the City Council on 16th June, authorizing each casino to begin negotiating redevelopment deals.

Bally’s beach bar and entertainment facility planned to erect between Arkansas and Indiana avenues, mentioned in the resolution. The project by Ocean will be between the avenues of Rhode Island and New Jersey.

During the meeting held on 16th June, Kaleem Shabazz Councilman remarked that he would promote this progress. Even if the casinos have some negative reviews among the council, they have invested a significant amount of money in improving the city by providing employment, city development, and other benefits. They wish to continue their growth, and he believes everyone should help them.

The casinos want to build beach bars that operate on a seasonal purpose and permanent live entertainment amenities for people visiting the beach. Their plans were initially approved by municipal officials, who agreed to renegotiate previous redevelopment agreements.

The council also accepted a separate proposal from Ocean, which authorizes the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority to renovate the casino in a new site. Going by the proposal of Ocean, there will be similar facilities between Rhode Island and New Jersey Avenue. Ocean’s second request calls for development alongside Atlantic Avenue and Ocean Beach Boulevard.

The casino has not yet provided complete information about the scale or design of its new projects, but preliminary approvals have been obtained. There are chances that more details will be out soon.

However, before working on any of the projects, both firms will need additional approval. The comeback of COVID-19 is likely to push down whatever momentum the casinos may have built up, and one delay has already been implemented.

The AC Planning Board scheduled for considering the redevelopment of projects at its meeting happened on Tuesday but could not go ahead with the talk. Leases for beach activities along with permits affecting the state’s Coastal Area Facility Review Act must be approved by New Jersey officials.

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