New Jersey Sports Betting Scales New Heights as It Celebrates Its 3rd Anniversary

New Jersey Sports Betting Scales New Heights as It Celebrates Its 3rd Anniversary

Since June 14, 2018, the NJ sports bettors have put more than $15.15 billion in wagers, compared to $14.97 billion in wagers placed by Nevada sportsbooks during the same period.

With the data provided, there is little doubt that New Jersey has surpassed Nevada as the country’s leading state in sports wagering; with remarkable growth over the previous three years, the Garden State has surpassed states such as Nevada, where sports betting has been allowed for over seventy years. Everyone’s attention is focused on New Jersey Sports betting income, which stands at $1.03 billion and is still growing. Furthermore, the May results are still scheduled to be announced on Wednesday afternoon.

New Jersey paved the path for states other than Nevada to allow single-game bets. It appealed to the United States Supreme Court against the Federal Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA). Former state Sen. Ray Lesniak and former Gov. Chris Christie appealed. Lesniak pushed for years in Trenton to introduce sports betting to Atlantic City casinos, and he found an ally in the form of a Republican governor. The latter proposed legalizing single-event sports betting.

Since 2018, more than 90% of all sports bets in New Jersey have been put on regulated internet or mobile applications. The legalization has driven offshore sites away from the states, allowing casinos and online sportsbooks to collect the previously flowing profits to these illicit websites.

There are now 19 online sportsbooks in New Jersey, with more set to open in 2021.

Since the legalization of sports betting in the state and the introduction of NJ sports betting, there have been numerous positive effects on the economy as a whole, as sports betting has increased employment, increased State and local tax revenues, and provided momentum to the Atlantic City casino industry. The economy of the state has benefited from such legalization.

Today, sports betting is an apparent success for all of Atlantic City’s casinos, including online and in-house clubs. Since its inception in June 2018, New Jersey’s sports betting regulatory system has established the gold standard for other states in the United States; it has offered amenity to the sector. Most significantly, casinos and sportsbook operators have consistently promoted responsible sports wagering in their advertising to their clients.

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