New Jersey Records $345m Revenue in the Month of June

New Jersey Records $345m Revenue in the Month of June

On 19 July, state gambling authorities stated that New Jersey’s nine casinos won a record-breaking $345 million in June. In June, COVID-19 limitations were mostly relaxed after more than a year.

The New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement says that casino winnings were more than four times compared to June of last year. It was around $91 million – when gambling palaces in Atlantic City were forced to close their brick-and-mortar locations due to the pandemic, which badly affected the casino revenue and wreaked havoc on the surrounding hotels, restaurants, entertainment, leisure, and retail sectors.

The gaming business depended on mobile and internet gambling throughout those months. The majority of the limitations, including mask requirements, restrictions in sitting capacity in casinos, entertainment, restaurants, and events, were abolished at the end of May this year.

Since the state is re-opening step-by-step, casinos are investing vast amounts of money on additional eating, lodging, gaming, and entertainment services. Moreover, summer visitor surges and post-COVID pent-up demand are also factors influencing this decision. 

Jane Bokunewicz, the head of Lloyd D. Levenson Institute of Gaming, Hospitality, and Tourism at the Stockton University, says that the gambling patrons don’t have to visit the venue in person to gamble.

According to state data, online gaming has started to decline, but it has nevertheless increased since last year, indicating that “the business has not yet achieved its full potential.”

In June of last year, casinos witnessed revenue of $107 million online, compared to approximately $85 million in 2020 June. Moreover, casinos won $214.5 million in live locations this year, compared to zero in June when the venues were closed.

In June, sports betting took in $24 million, compared to $6 million the previous year. In total, customers wagered roughly $767 million in June, up from $165 million the last year.

Borgata, the final Atlantic City casino to reopen, earned $97.8 million in June, and the Hard Rock, won $41.6 million.

Joe Lup, the president of Hard Rock, feels encouraged with this growth and defines that people are comfortable visiting the casino.

Earnings by Casinos

In June, Tropicana earned $27.5 million, Ocean Casino Resort – $26.7 million, Harrah’s -$21.3 million, Caesars- $20 million, Resorts Casino Hotel -$14 million, Golden Nugget -$12.3 million, and Bally’s -$11.6 million.

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