New Jersey Proposes Assistance for Gambling Addicts Who Have Ended Up in Prison

New Jersey Proposes Assistance for Gambling Addicts Who Have Ended Up in Prison

New Jersey politicians have presented a measure to assist people committing crimes due to their gambling problem. Instead of putting nonviolent lawbreakers to jail, this newly written measure proposes that they receive comprehensive therapy.

The bill, introduced by New Jersey Assemblyman Ralph Caputo, seeks to establish judicial diversion for gambling addiction offenses.

In New Jersey, there are three places where the new gambling therapy diversion court program is available. The central region, the southern region, and the northern region are the three sites. Mental health specialists and courts will also be involved in this court diversion.

New Jersey is following in Nevada’s footsteps.

NJ Assemblyman Ralph Caputo, the bill’s principal sponsor, believes that gambling addiction would put addicts and their families in financial and economic crisis.

The new bill is modeled after measures were used in Nevada to combat the same problem. The Nevada initiative was a success, prompting New Jersey politicians to adopt a similar approach.

Other bill backers include members of the New Jersey General Assembly, Legislative District 15. Assemblyman Anthony Verrelli and Legislative District 14 Assemblyman Dan Benson, in addition to Ralph Caputo. The proposed law will go before the Assembly Judiciary Committee in New Jersey for approval.

According to one study, around 6.3 percent of New Jersey gamblers developed a gambling addiction. Furthermore, many New Jersians tried internet gambling during the epidemic, placing them in jeopardy.

This innovative proposal will assist addicts in overcoming their addiction and avoid criminality.

Aside from betting, sports wagering is another activity that exacerbates the problem among New Jersey citizens, which must be addressed.

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