Nevada Jurist Support New Jersey Gambling Treatment Proposal by Court

Nevada Jurist Support New Jersey Gambling Treatment Proposal by Court

Cheryl Moss, the judge who established and managed an alternative court in Nevada for gambling-related offenses, wants to see New Jersey adopt a similar model. Cheryl showed her support for the proposal, saying it will reduce problematic gambling.

The proposed legislation states that any qualified defendant charged with gambling crimes will take part in treatment programs lasting between 18 and 36 months. The details are identical to the treatment facility established in Nevada. 

If authorities accept the bill, it will establish specialized courts in three New Jersey regions: South, Central, and North.

Judge Cheryl reviewed numerous cases in the GTDC (Gambling Treatment Diversion Court) before retiring. The facility has helped several defendants with a chance to start anew by treating gambling-related habits. Cheryl explained that if a defendant clears the GTDC program, their conviction is either set aside or dismissed. It allows them to join society with a clean slate.

Such individuals could start working in a new job or even begin restitution, added Cheryl. The judge continued that she would visit the defendants every two weeks to monitor their progress. The executives ran drug tests, financial assessment, attendance checks, and location monitoring on the defendants.

Cheryl even ensured that defendants facing 10-year sentences start a new life devoid of crime. The program’s perpetual guidance and supervision brought ideal results.

The program took over 10 years to become the first standalone gambling court in Nevada. Now, several states are using the model as an example to construct similar facilities. The court uses most of its language from Nevada Law.

Cheryl thinks the proposal for New Jersey is an improvement of the Nevada Law. Several members from the NJGCI (New Jersey Gambling Court Initiative) participated in the formation of the proposal.

The sudden surge in online wagering and sports betting also played a huge role in forming the proposal. As the state sees new gambling prospects, it will undoubtedly face more gambling-related crimes. Since most of the gamblers will have no prior criminal history, they will need a standalone court to handle their case.

Seeing how the program has helped maintain order in Nevada, establishing it in New Jersey seems like a reasonable choice.

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