How to Create a Bitcoin Casino in 5 Minutes

How to Create a Bitcoin Casino in 5 Minutes

As the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic continues to confine people to their homes, Bitcoin casinos are becoming a rage among online users. Millions of players join Bitcoin casinos and place their bets on anything from card table games to sportsbook events. In the past few months, Bitcoin casinos have become one of the most profitable ventures online. Backed by the growing number of cryptocurrency adopters, Bitcoin casinos are garnering millions of dollars in revenue every week.

Bitcoin casinos are not as complex as they look. They operate online and do not require any specific regulatory compliance for now. It is all happening virtually, and players can make big winnings, unlike traditional casinos. The success of Bitcoin casinos has made entrepreneurs interested in creating their Bitcoin casino. While most people would think it to be a complex process, building a Bitcoin casino is simple. One can create a Bitcoin casino in just five minutes.

How to Create a Bitcoin Casino?

The market for Bitcoin casinos is hyper-competitive. Every day, new crypto casinos are being launched in the market. Each of these casinos has distinct features, unique interfaces, and standout factors that help them attract an audience. However, the process of creating a basic Bitcoin casino is pretty much the same for all. To create a Bitcoin casino, most entrepreneurs are finding the programming codes of Google. Unfortunately, not all that Google shows is reliable, particularly when building an online gambling platform.

Creating a Bitcoin casino is somewhat the same as building an online casino. However, things become complex as Bitcoin casinos work with cryptocurrencies. Hence, cryptocurrency integration is at the core of any Bitcoin gambling platform. To start building a Bitcoin casino, you need tools that support the gambling mechanism as well as blockchain technologies.

The development essentials to build a Bitcoin casino are: 

  • Yarn
  • NodeJS
  • MongoDB
  • Express
  • Git

Before starting, you need to download and install these software suites on your system. An underrated, open-sourced repository in Git can also be downloaded to manage your development files.

Steps For Creating a Bitcoin Casino

Following the steps below to create a Bitcoin casino in around five minutes:

  1. Open the Git terminal and login to your GitHub account with the SSH key on your computer.
  2. Type ‘git open’ in the terminal’s command-line interface and hit the Enter key.
  3. The GitHub page opens a repository in your browser.
  4. Enter the following commands on the page:
    git clone
    cd Bitcoin-Slot-Casino/
    npm start
  5. After the commands are fed into the Git terminal, an error message pops up.
  6. To fix this, create an Access Token on the terminal as follows – User Settings > Developer Options > Create an access token.
  7. On the testnet, your access token is a 2FA code; let’s say ‘000000.’
  8. Open the NodeJS framework with the access token.
  9. Edit the seventh line of node_backend/routes/api.js and add the above token code.

Now, try to rerun the commands, and the error message will not appear. When the commands are executed, a Bitcoin casino opens for your business.

Go to your local web host and add this Bitcoin casino to it. Then, test it by creating your user account and an admin account. Add new web development features to create a sleek modern UI. Make sure to keep the Bitcoin slots on the homepage of your Bitcoin casino. Integrate the APIs for reliable crypto wallets and add them to your casino. They serve as the main attraction and keep the players engaged. Allow free spins to visitors and drive your online traffic organically. Now, you have officially created your online crypto money-maker.

What’s Next?

Opening a Bitcoin casino is easy but running it for long is a different ball game altogether. To keep your Bitcoin casino popular, you need an intuitive UI and an engaging UX. It is wise to partner with web developers offering these services. Also, after the integration of crypto wallet APIs, your casino gets heavy on data. Hence, migrating to the cloud becomes necessary. As the services become more complex, you may need some expert advice from the iGaming veterans. After the first few months of your launch, your Bitcoin casino needs to add Provably Fair gambling algorithms. As more players tune into your casino, the chances of getting scammed may rise. Hence, Provably Fair mechanisms can prevent such instances with their strict fair-play rules. Over time, keep the Bitcoin casino updated with the latest advancements in blockchain technologies. This will ensure the safety of every transactional dataset flowing in and out of your Bitcoin casino. Apart from this click here for more information regarding various bitcoin casino, to know their interface, facilities, offers and more and then apply in your casino also.

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