Hard Rock & Ocean Casino Shake Up Atlantic City Market

Hard Rock & Ocean Casino Shake Up Atlantic City Market

Atlantic City witnessed the revival of two shuttered casinos almost three years ago. This was when the casinos were poorly performing. Back then, almost five casinos were shut down, but Hard Rock and the Ocean Casino Resort were still brought to life. The move raised questions and doubts about their success too.

Against all odds, the Ocean Casino Resort and Hard Rock marked brilliant performances on the first day of opening. They had full-day operations on their very first day, i.e., June 28, 2018. This gave people a whole new reason to visit Atlantic City.

If we talk about the amount garnered last year from in-person gamblers, Hard Rock was at the second spot out of the nine other casinos with almost 224.8 million USD, whereas Ocean Casino was at third with 183.5 million USD.

The performances of Hard Rock and Ocean have shaken up the casino market of Atlantic City. Till last year, the top rankers were Borgata and two newbies. The top market runners in Sports betting were Borgata (I), Golden Nugget (II), and Hard Rock (III).

President of Hard Rock, Atlantic City, Joe Lupo, said that Hard Rock and Ocean have transformed in the last year, becoming not only equal to Borgata but even surpassing Caesars Entertainment properties.

Lloyd Levenson Institute’s coordinator, Jane Bokunewicz, has expressed that Ocean Casino Resort and Hard Rock have added missing pieces in the casino and gambling world. She added that both casinos are most likely to perform brilliantly in e-gambling as it is enormously prospering in Atlantic City.

In-person gamblers paid Hard Rock $224.8 million in 2020, second only to the Borgata, which took in more than $100 million. Last year, Hard Rock’s gross operating profit was $10.9 million, down 71 percent from the previous year.

When online gambling and sports betting money are included, Hard Rock earned $290 million last year, good for the fourth position, while Ocean earned $214 million, good for sixth place among the nine casinos.

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