Essential Tools That Poker Players Need to Know About

Essential Tools That Poker Players Need to Know About

The poker game had a different name early on and was developed as early as the 16th century. In the 1830s, the game became more refined and eventually came to be known as poker. There are many versions of Poker, and the game is not only played in private homes but also in poker rooms at the famous casinos. The game can be played socially for small gifts or pennies and professionally for thousands of dollars. Plenty of luck is involved in Poker, but the game requires a high level of skills too, and it is said that each player is master of his destiny here.

How to play Poker?

One must learn the basics of playing a game of poker. Poker is played with a standard 52-card pack game. Generally, poker is a one-pack game, but nowadays, people prefer to play with two packs to speed up the game. However, before you even think of playing poker, you must get acquainted with the basic poker hand rankings. One can learn about these on any online site. At first, it might seem confusing a little bit, but you must give yourself adequate time to absorb the required information. Since poker is a slow-paced game, one can take all the time he/she wants. There are loads of tutorials online from where one can quickly learn how to play poker – online or in an offline setting.

What tools should you use to play online poker professionally?

Poker is a beautiful game, and people who are serious about it enjoy playing them online. However, if you are thinking of playing it professionally and performing creditably, you must try to use specific productivity tools. These tools will help to serve a dual purpose – it will help to raise the level of awareness and also helps in exercising some form of self-regulation.

There are many online tools available, but the two most popular ones are:

PokerTracker 4 – it is a poker training program that processes history files from the poker room after every hand you have played. It is a small text file that gives you information about everything that happened in a particular hand like the time, date, player names, and stack sizes.

Equilab – this tool has been extensively used bt loads of online poker players over the years. It is a free application that allows the user to plug-in specific hands, community cards, and thereby get the exact odds. The main reason why Equilad is so popular over all these years is that it is simple to use. It gives instant results in a split second right after you have plugged in some hands.

Essential Tools for Poker Players

Every game is about winning, and a game of Poker is no different. To achieve this, every online poker player must use certain tools to achieve success in the game. We have already discussed PokerTracker 4 and Equilab, which are used by professional poker players. Still, there are some other tools too, which can be used by all poker players – both professionals and those who are new to it. Some of these are:

Holdem Manager 2 – It offers a 30 days free trial. The free version of Notecaddy is built-in, and there is premium add ons which are payable.

PokerAid – It is a state-of-art app that carefully analyzes each Spin & Go game against different mathematical algorithms.

Holdem Indicator – It is an odds calculator. It uses a lightweight and straightforward interface, and pot odds are displayed on the screen. Users can track their stats and hand histories to review the completed games.

TableScan Turbo  – It is a lightweight tool, but players need computers with higher RAM to run this app. It is a smooth and responsive program that comes with a 30-day trial.


Contrary to what many people think, poker tools are essential and helpful when it comes to improving the gameplay. Some tools will help you get analysis on previous hands for the players who have joined the table when you are playing multi-table tournaments or cash games.

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