Esports Entertainment Group Co-producing Congress in Atlantic City

Esports Entertainment Group Co-producing Congress in Atlantic City

On Wednesday, Esports Entertainment Group, an esports and gambling provider, announced that the company would co-produce the 24th Annual East Coast Gaming Congress in Atlantic City on October 25-26, 2021. Last December, it was originally scheduled for May 26-27, 2021, but was rescheduled for October 26-27, 2021. This significant step by EEG will not only have several prominent speakers but will also see the participation of CEOs, suppliers, regulatory bodies, and legislators who will discuss and provide solutions to loopholes in the gaming and esports industries. So, we can anticipate a shift in the public’s perception of gaming and the betting industry.

The event will take place at Harrah’s Resort Atlantic City, and participants have high hopes for it, as it is expected to feature a panel of around 8-9 international experts focusing and discussing in-depth the future of esports, as well as opportunities and threats in the gaming world. This event will bring together the best gaming industry experts to share their knowledge and insights on the future of gaming, providing participants with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to “Capture the Future of Gaming.” 

The East Coast Gaming Congress has been an institution in the gaming world for nearly 25 years, providing a forum for debate on issues critical to the industry’s future. 

EEG is a provider of esports and online gambling that has benefited from the rise of video gaming and esports in the twenty-first century. They help fans and gamers unite in ways that no one has ever thought of before, which increases the popularity of their business.

The CEO of Esports Entertainment Group, Grant Johnson, stated that it is an excellent opportunity for EEG to share their evolving brand with the world, and gambling industry experts providing solutions on extensive Business – to – Business esports will be the center of attention.

Attendees will gain valuable insight and education from industry experts, as well as exceptional opportunities for networking, professional development, and business-to-business discussions at the forum.

The co-founders of ECCG, Lloyd Levenson and Michael Pollock, also commented, stating that the event takes great pride in providing great insight into the future of gaming and serving as a platform for the best ideas for this industry.

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