Decoding Hot and Cold Tables in Casino Gambling

Decoding Hot and Cold Tables in Casino Gambling

As a tradition, some gamblers prefer to play at the hot tables while completely avoiding the cold tables in casino gambling. Is it to increase their chances of winning or to get the lowest house edge? The reasons may be many. Needless to say, the big question is whether it truly helps, or is it just a myth propagated by superstitious gamblers?

A Brief on Casino Gambling

Players gamble at casinos by playing games of chance like Craps, Baccarat, Blackjack, Poker, etc. While some games rely on luck, there are also gambling games where most often, a certain element of skill is essential. Such skill dominated games have mathematically determined odds in favor of the house against the gamblers known as the house edge.

Professional gamblers thus choose games with the lowest house edge to gain a winning advantage. As gambling also calls for strong observational skills, most players tend to observe hot or cold tables.

So, what do you mean by hot and cold tables in casinos, and does it really work in casino gambling? Let’s find out.

What are Hot and Cold Tables in Casinos?

Typically, a casino game table is running hot when the players at that table are winning. Meaning hot tables showcase smiling faces and huge piles of winnings depicting a joyous atmosphere. Similarly, a cold table is where the atmosphere is rather cool while there is no major winning.

Does it truly make a difference when players choose the hot tables, or is it just the allure of happy vibes that make them more attractive? Most importantly, do casinos get hot and/or cold? And, what are the chances of the hot tables to continue the winning streak or the cold tables to continue with apparently no winners?

Do Casino Games Get Hot and/or Cold?

At some or the other point, the casino games can be hot and/or cold. However, one can never predict when the game may get hot or cold. That being said, a constant in table games is the house edge that is the mathematical advantage the casino or the house has against the players. And, this edge remains unchanged irrespective of the table running hot or cold.

Apart from being influenced by the concept of hot and cold tables, you must also make sure to never play for higher stakes than you initially intended to. This is not only gambling responsibly but also managing your bankroll the smart way.

The Casino Advantages

One advantage the players have is that the house edge can never get higher for the casinos, and this again does not depend on the hot or cold table. For instance, considering the table game of blackjack, for every hand, the odds change, but when you consider games like roulette, the odds remain the same.

The bottom line is house edge matters, and even when you opt for games with the least house edge or hot tables, the game may take a turn for the worst as it remains unpredictable except for games where you can apply your card counting skills.


While gamblers prefer hot tables, one can never be certain when the tables will turn. Moreover, the outcome may change for every hand. Thus, whether the table is hot or cold, it will not help you in the long run. Needless to say, the house edge is often something that is a constant which a player can never overlook. 

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