Borgata Atlantic City Sued by Poker Player Scott Robins Over Suicide Remark

Borgata Atlantic City Sued by Poker Player Scott Robins Over Suicide Remark

Robbins is seeking $1.2 million in lost profits, claiming that Borgata management overreacted to certain statements made at the front desk, infringing on his civil rights.

Meanwhile, the complainant alleges that the defendants’ subsequent acts and remarks were “an attempt to deflect from their shortcomings” and while also breaking public confidence towards him.

Robbins came to Atlantic City in September 2020 to compete in the WPT Borgata Poker Open Main Event. Robbins won a $3,500 entrance ticket in a $400 satellite while being there. The desk clerk asked Robbins if he preferred a room on the high or low level when he checked into the hotel that evening.

According to the lawsuit, Robbins jokingly asked, will he make it to the ground in case of fire and jump from the high floor window?

Robbins was instructed not to jump by the clerk. However, Robbins said he wouldn’t do it again but added, guess it doesn’t matter what floor the clerk gives him since he wouldn’t survive either.

In the lawsuit, Robbins claims that there was laughter in the space and that the joking conversation’s context was clear. Robbins was given a room on the 50th level of the Borgata. According to the lawsuit, the hotel windows at the Borgata are several inches thick and do not open.

The Psychiatrist Tour

Soon after Robbins unpacked his stuff, casino security arrived in his room to warn him about risking himself and that he would have to go to a hospital to be checked by a psychiatrist before returning.

Robbins was perplexed, but he followed the casino’s instructions. Robbins was taken to Atlanticare Regional Medical Center by ambulance. The trip was eventually charged to Robbins for $1,157.

The psychiatrist gave Robbins a mental clearance notice charging $865, indicating that the poker player presented no threat to himself or others. With the psychiatrist, Robbins even laughed off the event.

Banned from Sports

After returning to the Borgata, however, Robbins discovered that he had been “barred for life. The player was prohibited from the event for which he had purchased a $3,500 ticket and all future Borgata tournaments. Robbins claims to have been a regular at the Borgata poker room. Since 2018, the player has won $417,325 in live games around the country.

According to the lawsuit, by the end of the day, the defendant had recklessly made it known to others, “including those on the Borgata and all poker circuits,” that Mr. Robbins had been banned for life from the Borgata due to a suicide attempt.

Robbins estimates he could have made an estimated $85,000 per year at the casino, based on his earnings from past Borgata poker events and his yearly earnings %.

In the lawsuit, Robbins is seeking $850,000 in damages for 10 years of the hypothetical future tournament, along with $200,000 in punitive and compensatory damages.

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