BetMGM Promoting Big Online Poker Series Across the US

BetMGM Promoting Big Online Poker Series Across the US

BetMGM is set to run its big poker series across all three UK poker rooms in August. The series will start in Michigan and Pennsylvania on August 15th. It will run until August 22nd while the New Jersey run is live and will continue until August 15th.

New Jersey players can also expect a 50,000 dollars Invitational Freeroll Tournament at August’s end.

Online Poker Series: Pennsylvania Version

The Pennsylvania online series has 220,000 dollars worth of guaranteed prizes across ten events. It means that players can win around 22,000 dollars every tournament.

The amount is reduced from its debut series held in Keystone, where players earned 270,000 dollars in 10 events, bringing the average to 27,000 dollars. However, seeing the ongoing traffic for online poker, players can avail of realizable value in no time.

Online Poker Series: Michigan Version

The Michigan online series is offering more value than the PA series. It boasts over 330,000 dollars worth of guaranteed prizes across 11 events. It means that users can earn 30,000 dollars in every tournament. Such prizes are sure to reap massive user traffic.

Like the PA series, the Michigan series will primarily consist of Hold’em events with one PLO and one Progressive KO tournament.

Online Poker Series: New Jersey Version

The New Jersey series holds a similar pattern, with 11 events offering 240,500 dollars worth of guaranteed prizes. It brings the average size of a tournament around 25,000 dollars. The most notable difference in the tournament is its inclusion of 1 million dollars GTD Borgata Open and 215 dollars Satellite for the 3,500 dollars.

With such a series on the way, poker enthusiasts are closely following BetMGM for more information. 

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