Atlantic City Gets Online Sports Betting via Sporttrade

Atlantic City Gets Online Sports Betting via Sporttrade

Sports betting platform Sporttrade has announced that it would be offering its online sports betting services in Atlantic City, New Jersey. According to the announcement, the resort city of New Jersey will get access to online sports betting activities via Sporttrade. The Atlantic City gaming commission will be in partnership with Sporttrade and use its proprietary product on the sports betting exchange. 

Sporttrade’s online sports betting is one of the most popular services in 2020. Due to the COVID-19 lockdown, millions of sports fans have been unable to attend live sporting events in person. Luckily, major league sports are being conducted but with the absence of live spectators and real audiences. To make things easy for sports buffs in Atlantic City, the city officials have teamed up with Sporttrade, which is an emerging startup based in Philadelphia. The company offers its own proprietary sports betting exchange to online users. This product is now expected to be integrated with casino operators in Atlantic City. 

The turnout for casinos in Atlantic City has been near zero. The nationwide lockdowns and mandatory social distancing has curbed the city casinos from making profits. In order to make some revenues for staying operational and avoiding bankruptcy, some casinos are venturing out with alternatives. Bally’s Atlantic City Hotel & Casino is one such establishment in Atlantic City that will soon be acquired by Sporttrade to run its online sports betting business. 

The sports betting startup has now initiated a multi-year partnership with Atlantic City’s Twin River Worldwide Holdings. This partnership will enable Sporttrade to run its peer-to-peer sports betting marketplace in the city. While other online sports betting platforms keep 10% of your betting earnings, Sporttrade makes the exception and keeps less than 1%. Due to this, more users stay engaged on the platform. There are no delays with Sporttrade’s bet processing and their patent-pending betting technology can take care of thousands of bets per second.

The partnership will help Sporttrade expand its sports betting exchange business in the state of New Jersey. The necessary regulatory approvals will be completed in the coming weeks, followed by the acquisition of Bally’s Atlantic City Hotel & Casino by Sporttrade and Twin River Worldwide. An exciting online product is perhaps what guests at Atlantic City casinos need to enjoy their stay in the resort city.

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